Break trough your patterns, let go of fears, transform your life en dare to dream big again.

Reconnect Retreat 18 – 20 november
-The retreat from november will be in Dutch. Are you interested but you don’t speak Dutch? Please let us know, so we can see if there are any other options for you.-

Connect with yourself, with the earth and with the people around you. Let’s Reconnect!

Are you stuck in patterns?

Do you hide your emotions instead of feeling them?

Do you live from your head, not from your heart?

Is it hard to stop all those ongoing thoughts in your head?

Are you unable to experience calm and quietness?

Does it feel like you’re going around in circles?

Do you know you are capable of so much more?

Is there a lack of energy to do anything?

You feel there is so much more, deep inside of you!

In 4 days, you are going to transform yourself, look at your fears, break your patterns. You are going to reconnect with your heart, gain confidence. Make your eyes sparkle again. You are going to challenge yourself and find the courage to make your dreams into reality.

Four days in a beautiful place in nature. Fresh are, bonfires, healthy food and lots of moving. Connecting with yourself and with like minded people.

In these days we will coach you, on your journey to happiness.

Darkness and emotions
We tend to hide our feelings or push them away with all kinds of distractions. But you can’t run away from your feelings. No matter how deep you hide them, eventually they will find their way out.

These days you are really going to feel, and everything is okay. Feeling, taking steps, closure. You are going to show your emotions in this safe place, without fear or shame.

Letting go
We like to hold on to our old patterns because they are safe. It is what we know, what we are used to after all those years. But that doesn’t mean they are right for us. It is time to break them and to let go of the things that don’t serve you anymore. This will create space for good things in your life. For new energy, for happiness, passion and love. Living in the moment with the wisdom from your past and a desire to your future.

Silence and peace
How nice is it nowadays, in these quick and rushing times, to take some time for yourself. Without all the distraction from the outside. Time to be quiet, so you can listen to your heart. Time for growth, healing and self-development. Time for you, for selflove.










“It was amazing, I met beautiful people and learned a lot about myself. I was relaxed and present in the moment. There were magical moments, meditations, and delicious food. We did so many things, it was wonderful. Thank you so much for this magical retreat.”


“I still felt the energy afterwards. It was a wonderful retreat in a beautiful location with good food and good service. I experienced a high energy and lots of emotion, with all beautiful people around me. The program was very good, good planning and well executed. Thank you!” 


“Thank you so much for this amazing retreat and all the experiences I had”. 

After the Reconnect Retreat…

…Are you connected with yourself
…Are you living from your heart
…Do you have the courage to do what you really like
…Are you open for new experiences
…Are you living in the moment
…Do you experience peace and trust
…Is the energy flowing again
…Are you in control of your life

Do you want this growth and self-development in your life?

Invest in yourself, you are worth it.

And we will take you on your journey to connection and happiness.

Reconnect Retreat

A weekend in a beautiful location in nature

 Delicious vegetarian meals

Amazing guidance and coaching from the Fine Fleur team

Date: 18 – 20 november

Location: Vorstenbosch, Brabant (NL)


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