Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.

-Luther Burbank-

Koen’s Personal Story

A lot of years I lived out of connection with myself. I lost myself, lived on autopilot and was wrapped up in daily life. And I didn’t even notice. In those times I worked a lot of extra hours, I drank too much alcohol and just painkillers on a daily basis. I blocked all my feelings and walked away from everything that was or wasn’t there.

Love and being loved, something I didn’t learned in my teenage years and because of that I didn’t feel or understood it. Years after I was still running away, but what was I running from? From my feeling, all of them. I never worked out, I ate unhealthy food, was always tired and suffered from depressions. In those times I didn’t enjoy life and lost all the good things in life: friends, family, love… I wasn’t grateful for what I had and didn’t acknowledge I had anything to be grateful for.

Until one day, I realized, WTF!!

I noticed it, how unhealthy I was and how I was neglecting myself and others. In that moment I realized: ‘this is not what I want! I want to change this!’

After that moment I went to a psychologist and a therapist for 2 years. I learned to recognize my depressions, and where they came from. I learned to break patterns and change habits.

In the summer of 2019 I finished the sessions, only I felt like the circle wasn’t round yet. I was still missing something, something deeper. I went looking for it, and I found it. I went on a 4-day transformational retreat. I didn’t know what it all meant, it sounded a bit too flowy but I gave my all. After those 4 days in nature, I came back as a different person; as de person I really am, in connection with my heart.

Now I am living from my heart, connected, and doing the things I love. Full of passion and recognizing all the beauty that is around me

People close to me started to notice the changes in my attitude, behavior and energy. I shared my story and felt it touched and inspired people. ‘Wow Koen, it was so brave of you to do this, I can’t believe you found the courage to do this’, where some of the things I heard a lot.

This inspired me again, and I stared to read and investigate more about transformational coaching. I read books, went to retreats and followed a course to become a transformational coach myself.

Now I am here to help you, to inspire you and guide you on your path to enlightment. You deserve a happy life where you live from your heart, with love and passion. I found the courage to search and find the strength deep inside of me. The strength that helps to take action and create our next level life. Are you ready to take a leap, to jump, and to confront yourself? I will help you lovingly on your healing journey.

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