“It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you”


There is nothing more potent, beautiful and healing than a live gathering. The energy of like-minded people together is so strong and so magical. 

I met my boyfriend Koen in June 2019 for the first time, at a one-day retreat. During one of the exercises, we stared deeply into each other’s eyes and I felt a strong connection. But it wasn’t until the end of the day that I realized there was something more going on between us. I hugged him goodbye, and it felt like coming home. I went back to hug him goodbye three times because I wanted to capture that feeling. It felt like it wasn’t a goodbye, it was only a beginning. 

About 3 weeks later we went on our first date and since that day our connection only got deeper. I feel so deeply we are meant to be together, our paths crossed so we can create amazing events and help so many people transform their live. With our passion for coaching and our energy combined we can do extraordinary things!

All the live events are created and hosted together with my boyfriend Koen Vloet.

Koen is the most loving, caring, and warm person I have ever met. He is also a transformational coach, and he is very passionate about reconnecting people with their heart. He knows how to inspire and when to give a bit of tough love. He can guide you to bring your dark side into the light.

Koen is a chef so when he is around you know the food will be amazing. He loves to cook and eat healthy, take long walks in nature and cycle. He is very funny, laughs a lot and has very nice energy. He gives the best guided meditations and drum healings.

He also is a cacao ceremony facilitator. During a cacao ceremony we will drink ceremonial raw cacao, an ancient tradition that comes from the Mayas. The cacao is very healthy and helps you to open up and connect with your heart.

We created 3 different live events

Magical Morning

Are you longing for connection with yourself and others?

Do you desire a sacred space to go inside, connect with your heart?

Are you ready to be guided into a beautiful cacao ceremony and a deep meditation?

Are you ready to feel safe and vulnerable and show your true emotions? To laugh and to cry. To connect.

This morning will be truly magical. During this magical morning Koen and I will guide you with music, a beautiful cacao ceremony and a deep guided meditation. We will play our drum and we might dance and sing. You can show up as the real you. It’s a safe space to express how you feel. To share, release and heal. But also to laugh and have fun. Magic will be in the air and you will leave feeling lighter and with an open heart.

An intimate morning, for small groups (max 4 pers). Lots of candles, incent and beautiful music. A sacred space to share and be vulnerable. A space to go inwards, to be silent and to listen to your heart. We will end the morning with a delicious and healthy lunch. If you like we can also come to your place and host it there.

This event is available in English or in Dutch.

Please contact us for more information and available dates.

One day retreat

​A day away from your daily life

A day just for you, to be in the moment and to really feel everything.

A day to feel love, openness, connections, emotions & vulnerability.

A day to really live and be who you are supposed to be. YOU. Nothing else. After this day you will feel renewed, refreshed. In connection with yourself and your intuition. Your heart will be opened and your walls will be broken down. You’ll shine like you are supposed to shine! The day will be filled with a cacao ceremony, guided meditations, dancing, music and various exercises. A delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

This event is available in English or in Dutch.

Please contact us for more information and available dates.

Transformational Week

​The transformational week is coming later this year. We are working really hard to host the perfect week for you and we’ll share some more information later.

This week will transform you. It will transform your life. After this week you will be able to listen to your intuition, to your heart. You will trust yourself and the decisions you make. You will live from the heart instead of the head. You will no longer be led by old stories and beliefs.

This week will be filled with beautiful ceremonies, cacao, meditations, yoga, dancing and music.

This event is going to be hosted in English and Dutch.

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