A sacred place where you feel free, to be vulnerable, opening your heart and connecting

Magical Cacao Moments

A morning at a place of your choice, which will be truly magical. During this morning we will host a beautiful cacao ceremony for you. We will guide you with music, and a deep guided meditation. We might play our drum, dance or sing. But mostly we will just be. Be present and aware and enjoy the moment. 

In your own home, your safe space. At our home in Den Bosch (max 4 people), or at your favorite spot in nature. It is all possible. 

Imagine an intimate morning, a small group of your closest friends, family or lover. Lots of candles, incent and beautiful music. A sacred space to share and be vulnerable. A space to go inwards, to be silent and to listen to your heart. To connect. And also a place for joy, dancing and laughter. A place where there is love, magic will be all around us. 

Are you ready to experience this, to give yourself, or your friends, the beautiful gift of a cacao ceremony?

About Cacao

Most of us only know the chocolate bars from the supermarket while in South America people know already for thousands and thousands of years the power of 100% pure raw cacao.

100% pure raw cacao is made by cold pressing non-roasted cacao beans. If you would roast the beans – like the normal chocolate bars in the supermarket – a lot of good nutrition are lost.

By 100% pure raw cacao so many good nutrients are kept inside like magnesium and antioxidants. It is even such a good replacer for coffee since cacao improves your focus and creativity instead of only a peak of energy which caffeine is doing.

For our ceremonies we will use the cacao of Cacamo Cacao. 

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